Does Wall Street Like What It’s Hearing From Twitter (Again)?

This has been quite a few past couple of weeks for Twitter, with a new CEO, a renewed double-down promise to developers, love to its employees (after some “tough love” by way of layoffs), Ballmer being in for 4 percent…and more.

The street agrees, with Twitter stock jumping up 5 percent today.

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Twitter, which is a notoriously volatile stock, for a variety of reasons (including lack of substantial growth) might be hitting its “new norm” at the $30 level, well above what it was priced at when it when it went public.

This is even after the downgrade that rocked them this week. It’s even edging back towards a buy.

Moments shipped, Polls shipped and there’s a sense (and in some cases, “hope”) of a new new new new new new Twitter…and its well-thought-out announcement cadence is definitely putting it on that path.

The questions that I have, though, are:

  • How are Moments producing? Are they converting lookie-loo’s into active users?
  • Are Twitter recruiters having better luck attracting fresh new talent?
  • Will there be more layoffs to further streamline?
  • What’s the next “big” product move…messages? Has to be, soon.
  • Can Dorsey really swing the two gigs, with Square going public?

These are more than fair questions, and way more than most companies have being flung at them right now. But the simple fact that the stock looks like it does today, the company is in a way more stable place than it was when Costolo stepped down.

Its next quarter earnings are next week (10/27) and we’ll probably hear a little bit of “give us some time” on growth and “we’re still killing it” on revenue, so Dorsey has time to keep things going on the up swing.

Smoke and mirrors or real change? We’ll soon find out.