Twitter’s Periscope Goes Down During Flight Keynote

I was hoping to share some of the final bits of the Twitter Flight conference with you from my front row seat live and in beautiful mobile color, but was unable to. Seems like Periscope is having a bit of an issue right now that’s not letting anyone stream. Sucky timing, for sure.

It looks like I’m not the only one trying to use it, either:

Twitter was using Periscope to show backstage footage before CEO Jack Dorsey took the stage and perhaps that rocked the house so much it went down. To be fair, it was a 2 hour keynote (that might have gone a bit long, not sure) and if anyone was trying to stream all of it they should learn what livestreaming is all about.

It’s been down for well over 50 minutes and we’ll update you when we hear more. Luckily there’s a lot of developers around today at the conference, so I’m sure they’ll get everything going again.

UPDATE: They’re back!

Just picture my Periscope from the end of the keynote being ridiculously awesome. I mean, it would’ve been wobbly but hey, gimme a break.

Twitter Flight Developer Conference