Twitter Introduces Gnip Insights APIs To Help Brands Better Understand Audiences And Content

Gnip is the company that has been keeping archives of every tweet going back to the first one in 2006. Twitter knew how important this data was to marketers and companies so it acquired the company and now has a fleet of APIs that it’s making bank on.

Most recently it opened up instant access to all of those historical tweets. Today, during its developer conference Twitter Flight, the company announced a new suite of APIs, called “Gnip Insights APIs.”

With over 500 million tweets a day, the glut of data causes confusion when it comes to rounding all of it up and making sense of it. Data doesn’t do anything by itself and needs some massaging. The Insights API currently has two components — the Engagement API and Audience API.


Here’s an explanation of both from the Gnip team:

The Engagement API provides powerful and flexible access to impressions and granular engagement data for Tweets from owned accounts. This new data will help brands better understand the performance of their content so they can measure and improve their marketing efforts on Twitter.

The Audience API delivers aggregate information about custom-defined groups of people who use Twitter, making it easy to derive valuable insights about these audiences. It does this by leveraging Twitter’s robust audience insights data set to deliver sampled, aggregated demographic and interest data while protecting the privacy of users.


This is all data that Gnip and Twitter have never surfaced before.

The idea is the better you understand things, the better you can carry out future campaigns and plan out doing more of them. And you know, perhaps spend some of those advertising bucks with Twitter to do them.

Twitter’s VP of Data Products, Chris Moody, said that this is what brands have been asking for, and listening is something Gnip has always done well.

The new data will only be available with Networked Insights and NetBase, its “launch partner.” It should become available more widely after a “short while.” Networked Insights works with brands like Under Armour, while NetBase sports Coca-Cola as a client.

Beta access is being doled out starting today. In addition, companies that go through the TechStars accelerator will now get access to Gnip’s data thanks to a new partnership with Twitter.

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