Twitter Adds 8 New Services To Its Fabric Platform, Which Is Used By 225,000+ Developers

Fabric, Twitter’s toolkit for developers to build apps on its platform, launched last October. At Twitter’s Flight developer conference, its been announced that the toolkit is getting some nice goodies.

225,000+ developers are using Fabric on a billion mobile devices.


The idea is that Twitter wants to, in a very very structured way, help developers launch, grow and make money from their apps that leverage Twitter’s platform. Instead of the wild west that was before, that is.

The team said today:

We’ve been blown away by the positive response from the community to these tools, and have seen a number of other key needs within mobile development: scaling infrastructure, integrating payments, and running A/B tests, among others.

Stripe’s co-founder Patrick Collison took the stage at Twitter Flight today to talk about how important this integration is for them. He said that this drops the barriers for developers to try out payments using Stripe.

The company is known for its easy integration, but this drops activation time to “10 minutes.” “With Fabric, we see a cannonical platform for mobile apps to develop and we want to be a part of that,” Collison continued.

Sounds good. So good that the company is adding eight new partners that app developers can weave into their apps: Stripe, AWS, Optimizely, Nuance, GameAnalytics, Mapbox, Appsee and PubNub. A nice array of options there from storage to payments.

These will all be available to developers in the “coming months.”

Twitter Flight Developer Conference