Star Wars Shows Its Jedi-Level Social Media Skill, Drops The Perfect Reference On Mark Zuckerberg


Imagine you’re on Star Wars’ social media team. Representing one of the biggest, most recognizable brands in the world, you’ve gotta be on point all the time.

Quick! Mark Zuckerberg just said “I love Star Wars.” in response to the new trailer. Don’t mess this up. There is no try.

What do you do? How do you reply? A smiley emoji isn’t enough. “Thanks, Mark!” is too generic.

No. You drop the perfect reference. Something that makes sense to everyone that reads it, yet makes so much more sense to anyone who grew up watchin’ Star Wars.

Star Wars’ Facebook Team’s perfect response:


To anyone who doesn’t care, its an acknowledgement that, yeah, sure everyone loves Star Wars.

But to the people who’ve seen Empire a few dozen too many times… it’s the perfect response.

Need a recap? Remember this scene (Warning: If you somehow haven’t seen The Empire Strikes Back, this might spoil some stuff. Now, stop reading and go watch Empire):

And the heads of Facebook-usin’ Star Wars fanboys/girls around the world were all:


Good job, guys. Obi-Wan has taught you well.