Parrot Enables Autonomous Flight For The Bebop Drone

The Parrot Bebop can now fly by itself. After purchasing Flight Mode, Bebop owners can tap out waypoints and sit back while the drone flys autonomously. The ability is enabled by purchasing the in-app upgrade called Flight Plan. It costs $20.

It takes just a few presses on the mobile app to set the trajectory and flight height. It’s a drag and drop affair. Users can even tell the drone which way to point its HD camera.

This ability uses the MAVlink open source communication to transmit the flight path. Operators can take control of the drone at anytime during the flight or adjust the route during flight. Parrot says the drone’s location is accurate within 6 feet.

This comes just a day after the FAA stated the drones will soon need to be registered with the US Government. Even with this autonomous mode, operators are wise to still abide by local rules and regulations. And not to ruin anyone’s droning plans, but in the US, that means the drone must always be within a line of site of the operator.