Giphy’s New Tool Makes It Dead Simple To Create GIFs From Video

Earlier this month, Giphy COO Adam Leibsohn told me that Giphy has a bunch of new tools up its sleeves to help people make their own GIFs in a matter of seconds. Well, GIF Maker must be one of them. The tool, which launched today, gives you a super easy way to make GIFs from YouTube videos and other video files.

Back in the day, I used to have to download a Mac-only app called GifGrabber to turn videos into GIFs. It’s pretty easy to use, but Giphy’s new GIF MAKER is a lot easier and more accessible to the masses. Also, it turns out that GifGrabber Co-Founder Andy Hin is a senior engineer at Giphy, so it makes sense that Giphy integrated the best of GifGrabber into GIF Maker.

Check it out.

gif maker giphy

GIF Maker comes about a month after Giphy launched GiphyCam, a standalone mobile app for creating your own GIFs. Giphy’s big plan is to become a full-on media company, Leibsohn told me earlier this month.

“So, we’ll essentially become this one-stop shop to find and distribute and host and create,” he said at the time.

Giphy launched out of betaworks in 2013, and has since raised $17 million at an $80 million valuation.