TechCrunch Makers: The Lemp Brewery Is St. Louis’ Up And Coming Maker Space

A place like the Lemp Brewery is rare. This factory, built in 1840 in St. Louis, Missouri, once spewed fragrant hops steam over Cherokee Street while workers rolled barrels of beer into the natural caves under the complex. Now it stands empty except for a small group of dedicated makers who are slowly turning the brewery into one of the most unique workspaces I’ve ever seen.

We visited the factory with the folks from St. Louis Makes who showed us around the empty floors that could hold hundreds of people and the small workshops that have sprung up in odd pockets. We were assured there were no ghosts but bats sometimes wend their way through the open rooms.

The Lemp Brewery is one of the rawest and most interesting places we’ve visited for TechCrunch Makers and it was a lot of fun to climb up and down the heavy metal stares and imagine what the place will look like once a few entrepreneurs turn a dead brewery into a lively center for creation.

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