Vine Loses Its Last Co-Founder To Twitter Layoffs

None of the three cofounders of Vine are still working on Twitter’s video-sharing app. Rus Yusopov, the last man standing, as it were, was one of the 300+ employees who was laid off in Twitter restructuring that went down earlier this week.

The news was first reported by BuzzFeed, which confirmed Yusopov’s departure with a company spokesperson.

Vine was founded by Colin Kroll, Dom Hoffman and Rus Yusopov, and sold to Twitter in 2012 before the service ever launched.

The app has been a pretty big win for Twitter, offering users the chance to create six-second looping videos that can be re-shared, liked, and commented on. According to DMR, Vine has 200 million active monthly users across both web and mobile.

That said, none of the founders are still working on the app.

Dom Hoffman stepped down from his role at Twitter in January of 2014, and Colin Kroll left shortly after in April. Now, with newly re-appointed CEO Jack Dorsey’s layoffs, Yusopov makes three.