Dragonlock Lets You Print Your Own RPG Dungeons

Your party enters a darkened room. Candles flicker in the gloom and something is glinting along the far wall. Your thief enters first. Her dwarvish blade begins to glow. Danger is nearby!

What will you do? Will you 3D print a wall section and snap it to a floor section? Or will your move a 3D-printed Beholder into the room? What about a pillar or stairs? What about a little wooden door?

With Dragonlock you can. This Kickstarter project lets you create interactive 3D dungeon that you can print yourself. The designs are small enough to make in bulk and you can paint them to make them pretty.

A $10 package includes 10 models for easy printing and the $60 King package includes a plethora of other pieces including barrels, traps, arches, and poison mushrooms.

They are created by Fat Dragon Games, creators of 3D models and papercraft terrain. Most of the kits consist of PDFs and STL models and you can download some of their wares here, including Baba Yaga’s hut.

So as you put on your robe and your wizard hat why not get yourself some 3D-printed dungeon pieces for you and yours. Your Bugbear will thank you.


via 3DPrintingIndustry