Passive Fitness Tracking App Human Is Now Much Easier On Your Battery

Human has been relentlessly updating its passive activity tracking app for the past two years. But today’s update is the biggest to date with many under-the-hood improvements and new user-facing features. In particular, Human is now much easier on your battery and more accurate as well.

The app now relies as much as possible on the motion coprocessor in your iPhone 5s, 6 or 6s. Human now has 50 percent less battery impact. And if you really need to get the most out of your phone, there is a new low power mode to reduce battery usage by up to 90 percent. Interestingly, the startup also says that it could be harder to hit your goal because of the increased accuracy.

As a reminder, Human is a passive app designed to help you stay healthy with a simple goal. Every day, you need to move for 30 minutes or more, and keep up with this simple habit. The company calls this the ‘Daily 30′ and will gently nudge you when you hit your goal for example. In some ways, Apple is using the same approach with the fitness features of the Apple Watch. But Human works with your iPhone.

Once your app is set up, you can forget about it and check it every now and then to see how you’re doing — no need to hit a button when you go for a run or a bike ride. But if you want more details, there is also a newly redesigned timeline with maps, stats and calories burnt to learn more about your day.

The Apple Watch app was updated for watchOS 2. Finally, for those unfamiliar with Human, you can also create clubs for friends and family members to motivate yourself even more. It’s also a good platform to find some time and run with your friends for example.

And Human’s most convincing argument is still true — the app looks beautiful. There are even new background photos for existing users.

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