OnePlus Will Announce Another New Smartphone On October 29

Chinese Android phone maker OnePlus is gearing up to reveal its second smartphone of the year — its third to date — after it teased an upcoming launch event in London on October 29.

The impressive OnePlus 2, the company’s follow-up to its debut OnePlus, was released this summer, but we’ve known another device is coming since co-founder Carl Pei revealed the plans in an interview with USA Today in August.

OnePlus isn’t being particularly specific with its teaser for the ‘X’, which went out over Twitter today and was first spotted by VentureBeat — but a filing with the FCC last month suggested that it is planning to introduce a 5.5-inch smartphone that has been dubbed ‘OnePlus Mini’. The device pictured by the FCC — see below — sports a 1.9GHz processor and looks much like an old school iPhone 4 with a black back and metallic edges .

oneplus x

Is this the OnePlus X?

Originally, it was thought that the mystery handset would be revealed at an event that took place in India earlier this week. However, the company used that platform to announce plans to manufacture some of its devices in India, following in the footsteps of Xiaomi and others. Now we have what looks to be a more likely date for the unveiling of new hardware. Stay tuned for more soon!