Apigee’s New Security Service Protects APIs From Bots

Apigee, a service that specializes in managing APIs for developers and enterprises, launched a new security product today that aims to protect APIs from malicious bots. The new Apigee Sense service uses predictive analytics to identify malicious bots to prevent them from accessing its customers’ applications.

The company argues that some studies already show that more than half of all web traffic comes from bots — and these bots are now being trained on APIs, too.

Apigee already offers a number of security features as part of its overall platform, but this new service extends the capabilities of those tools and adds an extra layer of intelligence on top of them.

“Apigee customers have processed hundreds of billions of API calls through our platform in the past year to deliver rich digital experiences to their users,” Apigee CEO Chat Kapoor said. “Apigee Sense delivers a new kind of API security that combines that API call volume with predictive analytics to quickly identify patterns for potentially malicious bots – and then – most importantly, it learns and adapts as these bots evolve.”

The company says it risk models are “powered by a high volume of API call data, machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to continually adapt to threats.”

Users then get an overview of these security analytics on the customizable Sense dashboard, and Apigee’s firewall engine will try to take counter-measures against the malicious bots the service detects.