Sippy Lets You Make Espresso Anywhere

The Sippy may be the answer to all life’s greatest caffeine-based problems.

Launching on Kickstarter this week, the Sippy will make espresso any time, any place. The slim little cannister uses CO2 cartridges, water, and Nespresso/Hema/Coffee Duck-compatible coffee cups to brew up a shot of java whenever the craving strikes.

The Sippy is made of anodized Aluminium, with a 35ml chamber for water, brewing about 25ml of espresso.

There’s plenty of innovation, for better or worse, in the beverage space, ranging from the Arist smart coffee maker to the Vessyl smart cup to the beverage itself, like Soylent.

But the Sippy is one of the first products to bring portability to the espresso.

Sippy is listed on Kickstarter, for around $200USD, with a total goal of more than $100k. You can check it out for yourself here.