TechCrunch Lisbon, Meetup And Pitch-Off, October 19

European startups! TechCrunch Disrupt London, our stupendous European conference, is coming to London, December 5-8.

In the lead-up to this we’re holding a Meetup and Pitch-off in Lisbon on October 19 and we want you there.

We’ll be doing some amazing drinking, some amazing pitching, and some amazing networking. We’ll all have a blast.

Date: Monday October 19, 2015

Time: 19:00 – 22:00.

Pitch-off at 20:00.

Details: With open bar and snacks.

Location: Silk Club, 14 Rua da Misericórdia, Lisbon

Cost: Free

Tickets: Here

Everyone is invited!

Thanks to the kind folks at Beta-i this year’s Lisbon Meetup And Pitch-Off will be amazing. It’s great to have such a responsive and understanding partner. That said, they are handling all the sponsorship and still need your help. Please email myself at mike AT or Ricardo Marvão <> if you would like to sponsor.


How To Apply For The Pitch-Off

I will pick eight or nine companies to pitch for a total of about 45 mins. Contestants will have two minutes to pitch (NO SLIDES) and 3 minutes of questions from myself and local judges we will announce here. The event will be in English. The winner will get a table at TC Disrupt Startup Alley in TechCrunch Disrupt London and the runner-up will get two tickets to the event. If you’d like to pitch at the event email mike AT, subject line “LisbonCrunch” with this info:

• Startup Name

• Website URL

• Contact Email

• CrunchBase Profile URL

• Describe your startup in 75 words or fewer

• Founders’ bios in 75 words or fewer

• Have you launched?

• Got funding and from who?

We’ll email you telling you who has been selected to pitch. (If you DON’T get a confirmation email that you’re pitching, then you’re not pitching.)

See you there!

Image via Sean Pavone, Shutterstock