A Cute Kitten Can Walk Again Thanks To 3D-Printed Wheels

Cassidy the Kitten was born without hind legs and was left for dead in a forest until he was found and sent to a shelter in Vancouver. The shelter nursed him back to health and then two students from Walnut Grove Secondary School, Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker, used a Makerbot to give the wee one a pair of wheels and a little wheelchair. Cue heartwarming music.

Tiny Cassidy lost his back legs shortly after birth, but he never lost his remarkable will to survive. Born to a feral mom and a dad that is someone’s pet, Cassidy spent his first nine weeks fighting to survive. By the time he was rescued, he had nearly starved to death and his depleted body had stopped fighting a horrific E. Coli infection in both stumps.

Despite a grim prognosis, we knew this little survivor wanted to live, and we were determined to fight to give him that chance. With each passing day, our Cassidy is showing the world just how remarkable he is, and that even the most broken “throwaway” feral kitten still deserves a chance to know happiness and love.

The frame can grow with the kitten and now Cassidy scoots around his play area with the other cats, something that would have been impossible even a few years ago.

You can watch a video of the kitten here and even watch him live here.