AWS Launches Container Registry To Simplify Container Management

Amazon announced Amazon EC2 Container Registry, a tool designed to simplify container management for developers today at the Amazon re:invent conference,

Last year Amazon announced EC2, its container service, which provides support for Docker images. As Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO told the crowd, as you generate, store and launch these container images, having a registry to keep track of them and reference them becomes increasingly important.

“This makes it part of the development process,” Vogels explained. It enables developers to create and test images and place the images into registry when they are ready to launch, he said.

As with most Amazon services, the company found that many customers were creating their own registries for this purpose. This put an unnecessary burden on the companies with resources to do that, and put it out of reach for folks who didn’t have the resources to build their own. By delivering the registry as a service, it gives both groups easy access to a tool that is essential to the container management process.

As you would expect the container registry is well integrated with the rest of the Amazon container services and the images themselves get stored in Amazon S3, enabling Amazon to sell more storage.

As containers grow in increasing popularity with developers, it makes sense that Amazon is trying to develop a full range of services to help meet those needs, and minimize the amount of extra work they have to do to create, manage and run their containers.

The new service will be available later this year.

AWS re:Invent 2015