Flixel Grabs $2.2 Million For Its Mesmerizing Cinemagraph Apps

Toronto-based startup Flixel has built some pretty neat apps for OS X and iOS. Today, the company is announcing a $2.2 million seed round led by Extreme Venture Partners with Cranson Capital Securities and business angels also participating.

Flixel is all about cinemagraph software. A cinemagraph is a still photo with a minor video element. It is generally an endlessly repeating movement. The company has a beautiful gallery of cinemagraphs on its website.

While there are multiple cinemagraph apps in the App Store, cinemagraphs are a relatively new format. It’s a sort of hybrid of a still photo and a GIF that catches the eye the way a still photo can’t.

And it makes sense to bet on cinemagraphs as they can make a great ad format for Instagram or Twitter. The company has already partnered with the Emmy’s, Facebook, Instagram, America’s Next Top Model and A&E. Flixel even has an in-house production team called Flixel Studios to work with brands on these campaigns. Here’s a good example of a Lincoln car ad featuring Matthew McConaughey:

Going forward, the company plans to develop this kind of partnership with brands and iterate on its apps. So far, the company has released three different apps.

The flagship app, Cinemagraph Pro for OS X, is a premium app for professionals and is available for $199.99; Cinemagraph Pro for iOS costs $49.99; and a timelapse app for OS X for $24.99. Flixel also provides a $19.99 monthly subscription to access all these apps and a hosting service.

It remains to be confirmed whether cinemagraphs are just a fad or are here to stay. Now that you can’t avoid auto-playing videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I think many people will find cinemagraphs relaxing in comparison.