Apple Shows Off The Watch’s Fun Side With Six New Bite-Sized Ads

Apple just unveiled six new 15-second Watch ads highlighting the instantaneous utility that the device offers. The ads feature color gradient backgrounds, pop tunes and beautiful people wearing Apple Watches.

These ads are a bit of a departure from the previous more cinematic Watch ads that have focused largely on the emotional integration of the device into users’ lives. Instead, these ads are playful and punchy, and show a visual style more evocative of the silhouette iPod commercials of the 2000s, albeit now with more hipster main characters.

These ads signal somewhat of a value shift in Apple’s Watch advertising as the product matures and the company looks to showcase its utility a bit more seriously. The ads also highlight the fact that the best use cases of the device are generally in the moment and may only grab a user’s attention for a fraction of a second.

Notably all six of these ads, titled Ride, Sing, Date, Train, Sprinkle and Cycle, highlight features that have been available on the Watch since its release, an interesting move given the recent watchOS 2 update that added native Watch app integration.

Check out the rest of the new ads from Apple below.