Watch Google’s ‘New Treats’ Android Event Here

Google is holding a press event in San Francisco today. The company’s invite-only event promised “tasty new treats,” but according to the latest rumors, Google will unveil two new Nexus phones today: a new LG-made Nexus 5 made and a new Nexus 6 made by Huawei.

Chances are, Google will also tell us when Android Marshmallow will roll out to existing phones (assuming you have a phone that will eventually get it). Some rumors also point to updated Chromecast apps and maybe some new hardware, too.

As always, there’s a good chance Google still has a surprise or two in store, as well (unless every single detail of the event has indeed leaked already).

We’ll be on the ground to bring you the latest news, but if you can’t wait, here is the live video stream (and we’ll embed it below once it’s live, too). The event is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. Pacific and you can also follow along with our live blog here.