Slack’s Revamped Posts Feature Is An Alternative To The Company-Wide Email Blast

Slack, the $2.8 billion valued company behind the messaging app that is changing how many businesses communicate internally, just launched an update that might once again spare your inbox.

The messaging service, which is used by over 1 million people each day, has proven to be a popular way to simplify ad hoc and daily communication between teams, but now it has revamped its ‘Posts’ feature to provide a viable alternative to that long, important email to your team.

Slack has always included a Post feature that includes threaded comments and space for a longer message, but the company admits that it was fairly basic since it had only received five hours of attention to date. Now that Slack has put more resources into it, Posts is much more robust — people are no longer sent away to a web-based app when composing, it embeds a range of media in-line and includes new formatting options much like blogging software.

slack posts

The end result is a feature that gives existing users of Slack a more compelling vehicle for announcing significant updates, milestones or other team-wide news that is traditionally handled by an email blast. And for companies not yet using Slack, or perhaps using it in tandem with other tools, “Posts 2.0” is a feature that might just fill a hole and make the Slack service more appealing.