Google Is Preparing To Take Over Your Living Room

At Apple’s last event we heard about its plans for Apple TV. It’s something we’ve all been waiting for…APPS! On the TV! It’s set to ship in October and goes for $149 (32GB) and $199 (64GB).

Meanwhile, Google hasn’t had its head in the sand in Mountain View when it comes to the living room. Its Chromecast has been a modest success as far as I can tell and the device is due for a refresh. Some say it’s coming tomorrow (we’ll be there to find out.) It’s not music that will break the mold for Google, it’s games.

You see, a quiet little announcement from the Android team let developers know that they can now push apps that are double their current size of 50MB. It’s a very big deal, actually. Google is preparing the living room for games.

This means developers can publish APKs up to 100MB in size, and users will see a warning only when the app exceeds the 100MB quota and makes use of Expansion Files. The default update setting for users will continue to be to auto-updating apps over Wi-Fi only, enabling users to access higher quality apps and games while conserving their data usage.

There likely won’t be a controller or remote control or a full gaming system, and the Chromecast is too small to hold anything rich in content. So, yeah. You get the gist. The phone is the key to your living room, and great apps are going to get bigger and better.

Especially games.

And you’d be able to play them in your living room for under $40.

Game on, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.