Zortrax Launches A 3D Model Library For Its Robotic-Arm Loving Users

Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has announced that they’ve added a 3D model library to its Z-Suite software suite, a closed place where Zortrax users can store and share their models. To celebrate the launch the team has released a printable robotic arm, available here.

Zortrax is one of the larger 3D printer manufacturers in Europe and they recently announce the M200, a 90-400 micron FDM printer that has grabbed quite a bit of Euro market share.

The decision to add a model library to their own software rather than on an open website is a bit puzzling but can be explained by Zortrax’s primarily European market and the existence of other marketplaces including Thingiverse. A closed environment allows Zortrax to release models that are Zortrax specific and it also connects users together within the Zortrax community. It’s a bold decision and we’ll see if it pays off.

via 3D Printing Industry