Track Your Cat’s Eating Habits With Some Cardboard And A Spare Android Phone

My favorite thing about Disrupt is that you never know what you’re going to find in the Startup Alley. I walked through the Taiwan Pavilion and found a company called CatFi. They make a product called CatFi Box that uses 3D facial recognition to track how much your cats are eating. If you have more than one cat, you’re going to love this one.

Say you have five cats, and one of them is eating way too much, but you can’t stop it from being so greedy (in my case, I’m simply not home to guard the food). With CatFi, your fat cat rolls up and gets its face scanned and it will get rejected for more food. The little kitten that needs grub? Food is dispensed after its face is scanned. The best part is it’s all tracked in the app. Pretty rad.

Much like Google’s cardboard project to get you used to virtual reality, CatFi has a cardboard version of its product, as well. Once you get one of those, all you need is an extra Android phone to do the scanning and tracking and then the app on your everyday phone to do the tracking.



The app has graphs and notifications about the eating habits of your little ones, letting you plan their diets moving forward.

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Disrupting cat diets. Awesome. Go sign up if you want to buy or download the cardboard CatFi Box. You can also buy a Pro version which isn’t cardboard and looks way less hacky…but what’s the fun in that?