Lockitron Releases 3rd Gen $99 Connected Door Lock, Aims To Improve Product Accessibility

If the connected home has struggled with anything over the past few years it’s accessibility. Ease of use has been improving rapidly but most internet-connected devices are still multiples more expensive than their “dumb home” alternatives.

Lockitron has been in the smart home space since 2011, and has really seen the environment evolve heavily over the past few years as the industry has witnessed more consumers welcomes these classes of products into their homes. Today, the company launched the third iteration of their connected door lock, the Lockitron Bolt.

The new device, available in Modern and Quicksilver finishes, boasts a familiar look but what’s new is its most-affordable entry-price to date, just $99. The device ships in late November, and continues with previous models’ feature sets, allowing users to automatically unlock their front door with Bluetooth before their hand even touches the door handle. With a special Bridge device users are also capable of unlocking their door for their friends and family from anywhere in the world.

“Since the earliest days of Lockitron, we’ve always had one, steadfast mission – universal access. The key is a very rudimentary way of giving someone permission to come into your home or office. Software comes with none of those limitations. With software we can do so much more,” Lockitron co-­founder Paul Gerhardt said in a statement.

Lockitron is also giving consumers one more way to open their doors, via a new hardware upgrade coming to the Lockitron in early 2016, the Bolt Keypad, available for $149 for new customers ad $49 for existing Bolt owners. With the Bolt Keypad, home owners can set dedicated pin codes for individual persons from their app.

The company is really looking to open up the way that multiple users open the door lock. With Lockitron Access, the company is catering to new spaces by introducing a system especially designed for offices and co ­working spaces, allowing employees simple and secure access through the connected locking system.

With these new products, it’s clear Lockitron is aiming to drastically improve the approachability of their product, not only through new physical features like the Bolt Keypad but through the sheer accessibility of a $99 price tag.