TrumpThis! Club Is A Drinking Game For Presidential Debates

Even if you don’t care about politics, news about Donald Trump is pretty unavoidable.

TrumpThis! Club thinks if you have to listen to Trump, you should at least be able to have fun while you do. The team wants to turn presidential debates into drinking games.

Each player is given a button, and every time Trump says something stupid, you press your button. The last player to push the button loses the game.

Greg Lindahl, a back-end developer, said he was inspired to build a game using a button when his teammate Jorge Gonzalez picked up ESP8266 buttons on eBay. Gonzalez built battery-powered units with ESP8266 and a button. When the button is hit, some code hits a web server.

“Donald Trump’s silly picture resonates with people,” Lindahl said in an interview with TechCrunch. “I love coming to this hackathon and doing non-commercial things just for the fun of it because I want to help tell everyone that it’s important to be playful when you hack on things.”

Lindahl said he’s been to almost every Disrupt SF Hackathon. He previously worked for Blekko, a search engine recently acquired by IBM’s Watson. Lidahl and Gonzalez worked with David Skrenta, Bryce DesBrisay and Rich Skrenta on the hack.

The team joked that they decided to create a game using a button because when you’re dealing with drunk people, you don’t want to show them all how to download an app and play a new game. But even your drunkest friend can probably hit a button.

“Given the state of the Republican party, that’s about the best you can do — drink heavily,” Lindahl said.