Keep Track Of Friends In Hazardous Weather Areas With PocketWatch

As a college student, most of my friends and family are spread out in tons of different cities across the country. While I’d love to keep track of major weather events in all of these cities, it is way too time-consuming to constantly check iOS 9’s weather app.

Enter PocketWatch.

The service lets you create notifications for cities around the world, then get text message alerts before hazardous or inclement weather hits those cities. It’s an easy, free way to keep tabs on friends and family who you might not talk to everyday, but would want to know if their region was at risk of a major weather event.

PocketWatch was built today at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Hackathon by a team of five brand-new programmers.

The team is comprised of Darien LombardiSamantha DeggesBen HuangAlice Wu and Austin Ezell, who are all four weeks into Coding House’s 15-week code boot camp.

PocketWatch was built using Weather Underground and Twilio’s APIs on top of  JS, Angular, NodeJS and Firebase. The team also plans to incorporate other endpoints besides Weather Underground for redundancy, primarily Hurricane and storm watch APIs.