Entangled Is A Watch App To Fight Loneliness

Not every app here at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon has its roots in ideas of quantum entanglement and the ineffable quality of human connection, but that’s what drove Freddie Iboy and his coding partner Alec Garcia to build Entangled.

Over the 24-hour hackathon, the 26-year old Iboy and the 21-year old Garcia built an app designed to create connections among strangers anywhere in the world.

“Entangled was born out of a desire to solve the problem of loneliness,” Iboy wrote on the app’s landing page. “It’s the result of so many ideas and feelings. The deep and instant connection I felt meeting my girlfriend for the first time, the gaping hole in my heart for the sudden death of my father, and my interest in Quantum Entanglement.”

Iboy describes the watch face-based app as not just a time display, but a feature-rich messaging and social networking app that can send emojis and pre-set messages to anonymous connections. For Iboy, it’s a way to create bonds between strangers.

It builds off of work that Garcia and Iboy did when they met a year ago at Locket.

Iboy admits there’s not a lot of research supporting the application of quantum mechanics to human emotion, but, then again, human emotion has long resisted classification (otherwise the fields of psychology and psychiatry wouldn’t be so fertile still).

And though the 24-hour period didn’t allow the two to get as far as they wanted with the sponsor integrations, the app developers thought Esri’s geo-location technology and the weather tracking technology from Weather Underground would make for excellent communication prompts for users.