CentreStyle, Built By Teenagers, Helps You Get Dressed In Any Weather

At the Disrupt Hackathon here in San Francisco, we were joined by a relatively large group of young female coders as part of the Built By Girls Challenge.

A team of them came together and, using Esri and Zalando APIs, built a new product called CentreStyle, which helps make location-based recommendations on clothing based on the weather.

Simply log in, add some of your most trusted friends, and the system automatically determines your location. If you’re taking a trip, you can manually set your intended destination.

After that, the platform asks you to take a quick quiz using filters generated from the location and weather. Taking that information into account, Center Style then helps you decide what to pack or what to wear for the day.

Obviously, this isn’t the first location-based clothing recommendations service, but it was impressively built in under 24 hours and serves a useful purpose.

The team, made up of Asia Burrell (15 years old) and Tiffany Xiao (16 years old), are also the cofounders of GWC Connections, which they built as a part of the BBG Ventures Challenge. Burrell and Xiao were joined by Angie Wang (18 years old), who they met at the Hackathon, to build CentreStyle.

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