Bumpn Uses 3D Touch To Let Users Show How Much They Like A Photo

3D Touch may have just found its killer use case.

Now on the App Store, bumpn is a photo-sharing app that will let users take advantage of 3D Touch to show how much they “like” a photo. Instead of simply clicking the like button, users can give a photo anywhere between 1-100 hearts.

If using the new iPhone 6s, the app will measure the force of a user’s touch to decide how many “hearts” a photo deserves. Those with older iPhones will still be able to participate, except the feature will instead rely on how long a user’s finger is in contact with the screen.

Groundbreaking innovation? No. Interesting concept? Definitely.

There is something to be said for being able to assign nuanced ratings in what is currently a rather binary-dominated world. Currently everything from Reddit to Instagram relies on a “yes or no” system. Using a ratings scale to show how we feel may actually make social media a slightly kinder place.

In terms of actual functionality, the app utilizes location data to share photos with users nearby. It also lets users choose from 25 photo filters, because what is a photo-sharing app without filters?

Bumpn is on the iOS App Store now, and will be updated with 3D Touch Support as soon as the iPhone 6s drops next Friday.