Vinebox Offers Wine By The Glass As A Monthly Subscription

There are plenty of subscription services out there that will hit you with a box of various wine bottles, but none offer subscription tastings by the glass.

Until Vinebox.

The new startup has just launched to offer subscription wine by the glass for $35/month, with each box containing three separate tasting vials of wine that are measured to the standard 100ml cup. These wines come from highly curated and world-renowned vineyards across France, Spain, and Italy.

The idea here is that the high-end wine offered through Vinebox would usually cost the American customer a fortune, and could only be purchased by the bottle. So if the customer didn’t like it, they’d have already spent quite a bit on an entire bottle. With Vinebox, users can still sample some of the best wines to learn what they like while being generally cost-effective.

Beyond that, Vinebox gives extra attention to detail when it comes to its tasting vials, which are made with hand-drawn glass and maintain the same graphic design label you’d see on each vineyard’s bottle. Wine can last up to three years in the Vinebox vials.

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Vinebox ensures that the tech it uses to rebottle wine from its original bottle over to the vial will maintain the exact same taste and quality as if the user were pouring directly from a freshly un-corked bottle.

The regular price of a Vinebox subscription is $35/month but users who sign up for a three-month subscription before October 1 will get a 20 percent discount, paying $28/month.

You can check out Vinebox right here.