Write As Many Words As You Need To

Heya, this is the web, welcome. There is a lot of room here for activities. So much room, in fact, that you could write as many words as you want and it would literally never fill up all of the space inside.* You could write a 50,000 word review of an operating system. You could write a zero-word commentary piece on an acquisition or a currency. And you could even write something about how angry you are someone else wrote something long. Heck, you could even scrawl one long rambling paragraph about how policing length on the web (in either direction) is silly as heck. The web is a conduit to the world that enables a nerd from nowhere to become the editor of TechCrunch or another to create not one but three major publishing platforms. It’s an enabling tool, let it be that. Anyhow, the best thing for everyone is to remember that anything longer than about a tweet is only going to capture a small percentage of the most interested readers anyway and those readers are the ones you’re likely writing for. So keep on keepin’ on.

*If you’re curious, my philosophy as an editor is and always will be: as long as it needs to be, and then a bit shorter.