Opera For Desktop Gets Password Sync, Starts Integrating SurfEasy VPN

Earlier this year, Opera Software bought SurfEasy, a virtual private networking (VPN) service that helps users maintain their privacy and surf safely. With the release of Opera 32 for desktop today, the company is now starting to integrate SurfEasy into its flagship browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

For now, this integration is pretty light, though. When you open a private tab in Opera 32, the browser will pop up a link to download SurfEasy. That’s it for the time being, but chances are the company is working on a tighter integration between its tools and SurfEasy. Besides its browsers, Opera Max, its compression-centric proxy service for Android, seems like a natural fit for a SurfEasy integration

SurfEasy offers both a mobile and desktop service, but its free tier only allows for 500mb of transfer volume. To get unlimited data, you need to pay at least $3.99 per month for the desktop version or $2.49 for the mobile app.


Also new in this version are improved syncing options. Most importantly, this means you can now also sync your password in addition to your bookmarks, tabs and other browser data.

Other new features include the option to see your bookmarks in a tree view to make it easier for users with lots of bookmarks to organize them.

In case you feel a static background image isn’t personal enough for your taste, Opera now also allows you to choose an animated background theme for your Speed Dial (Opera’s version of the ‘new tab’ page in other browsers). The company uses the Google-backed WebM and WebP file formats for this, which should keep the files pretty small.