Welcome To Hipster Hell, Tumblr Now Has Its Own Clothing Line

If the pervasiveness of shitty memes on the web weren’t enough, it seems they’re soon going to be inhabiting the real world… worn by people walking on the streets of Earth.

Tumblr just announced a new clothing line designed by 10 different Tumblr artists at New York Fashion Week, The New York Times reports.

Valentine Uhovski, Tumblr’s “fashion evangelist,” told the Times:

“We wanted every look to feel like a Tumblr post,” said Valentine Uhovski, Tumblr’s fashion evangelist. “When you enter the pop-up shop, you’ll feel like you’re inside of a Tumblr dashboard.”

The blogging/sharing/gif-ing cult of Tumblr actually has some amazingly talented artists, but the annoying fashion that has already been influenced by Tumblr isn’t leaving me too optimistic for the collection.

The crazy, colorful designs will be plastered onto dresses, backpacks, raincoats and more, all available online starting next week through Print All Over Me and this weekend at 339 West 38th Street in NYC.