CrunchWeek: Slack, Diversity, And Have You Heard Of Apple?

Welcome back to CrunchWeek, friends. We are glad that you are here. Very glad in fact, because the TC crew has new digs. New in that we just rebuilt a large chunk of the office — not new in that it’s the same space as before.

But now it’s better, so we dragooned Megan Rose Dickey and Lucas Matney to come in and chat about the week’s most important stories: Slack’s diversity figures, Apple’s diversity statistics¬†and, of course, those new iPhones that I hear are a thing.

iPad Pro?

We are excited about the new studio, but it’s worth noting that the build out wrapped last night, so things are not precisely as we want them. Lighting, and so forth, will be sorted in short order. The TechCrunch video crew is the best in the business, and will be tweaking in real time.

For now, welcome back to our new home, and do drop by. The Red Bull is always cold.