This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: A Reprise

Hey friends, and welcome back to a partially new episode of the TechCrunch bitcoin podcast, better known as TCBTC. A few weeks back, this little show hosted Jason Rowley on the program, shooting video in the mix.

However, due to production overlaps, we didn’t get the full audio version up. So, without further ado, here is our show with Mr. Rowley, in proper sonic¬†format. If you can’t find the episode in your favorite podcast app, we apologize. Fire @JohnBiggs a tweet, and we apologize¬†for the mixup.

With Jason we dug into the important bits of the block size question, and, of course, made him prognosticate where the price of bitcoin will land in a bit of time. Hit play, and we will be right back in just a week.

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