Curatum Is A Men’s E-Commerce Platform That Recommends One Item Each Day

There’s a running theme in tech. The less choice you have, the easier it is to make a decision.

That’s what a new startup called Curatum is banking on. The mobile app is a men’s lifestyle e-commerce platform that uses experts in various fields (fashion, accessories, furniture, books, art, lifestyle) to curate a single item that is served to users each day.

The company was started by Khalid Meniri, who sold his previous startup Rezzie to Tasting Table, and is now using those funds to bootstrap Curatum. Meniri told TechCrunch that men’s online shopping is continuing to increase but that he saw a hole in the market, as he never found a good platform that actually curated items for him.

With Curatum, users can obviously check out the daily item, but they can also browse a timeline of past items and shop from that selection, as well.

The app offers single-click buying and integration with Apple Pay so that users aren’t constantly filling out their billing and shipping information.

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The company has partnered with boutiques from all over the world to provide their products, and when an item sells, Curatum takes a referral fee while the boutique handles fulfillment and shipping.

Curatum also offers a feature called Tailored To You that takes into account your past shopping habits and preferences to deliver a handful of highly curated items that are specific to you. As it stands now, Tailored To You uses an algorithm that understands your location, the weather, and other factors that help categorize you within the system to deliver products you’re actually likely to buy.

Curatum items range quite a bit in price as the company is focused on curating quality and not discounts, but since the platform covers a broad spectrum of different products (from books to furniture), users can likely find something they love in their price range.

Curatum launches out of beta today, and folks interested in checking out the service can click here to learn more.

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