This Is The Automatic Skittles Sorter Apple Should Have Launched


Worst. Keynote. Ever. Amirite? Absolutely.

If Apple had any smarts they would have released this 3D-printed automatic Skittles sorter. Instead we got a bunch of walled garden stuff we don’t need or want. Ugh.

This sorter, created by Nathan Peterson, uses an LED light to assess the Skittle color and then pops it into the proper hopper. Sadly, because of the number of colors, the system cannot sort M&Ms… yet.

Peterson wrote:

I designed this skittles sorting machine using tinkercad ( Everything is 3D printed except for the electronics. It uses a TCS3200 for color sensing. It is powered by 3 DC motors, and has some additional sensors to detect the positions of the discs and to tell when a skittle has been dropped.

Sadly there are no plans but, unlike Apple, I’m positive this will soon be open source so we at home can actively sort Skittles. It’s only fair.