Spotify Introduces ‘Found Them First’ So You Know How Cool You Are

The definition for hipster is ever-evolving, but I have one go-to tell to determine whether or not someone is a real hipster. If a sick tune comes on, and you hear “I listened to this before it was cool,” chances are you’re in the presence of a true hipster.

And today, Spotify has introduced a feature that will let you know whether you yourself are a hipster who “listened to an artist before they were cool.”

The tool is called “Found them first” and it’s a simple web page that lets you log in through Spotify to find out, based on your listening history, which big-name artists you discovered early on.

Because I’m so cool, I’ve discovered approximately zero new artists.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.32.11 AM

But alas! There’s hope for me yet.

Whether you’re an artisan in finding up-and-coming artists or a tried and true Britney Spears fan like myself, Spotify provides a playlist of new, relatively unheard-of artists tailored to your listening preferences.

It’s a cute little feature, and could help folks add a little edge to their music library.