Apple Promo Video Confirms The 6s Has A Smaller Battery

While rumors of the iPhone 6s having a smaller battery than its predecessor emerged about a month ago, Apple today made no mention of the new device’s exact power capacity.

However, a 3D Touch promotional video released by the company seems to confirm that the 6s will indeed have a smaller battery than the iPhone 6. Specifically, GSMArena discovered that the video shows a shot of the battery marked “1715 mAh”, which is less than the iPhone 6’s 1810 mAh battery.

The extra space gained from reducing the device’s battery is most likely being used to fit new, larger components like the Taptic Engine and Force Touch-enabled display.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean the device will provide fewer hours of usage. In fact, Apple’s specs on the 6s show that the device will have the exact same talk, Internet browsing, and video playback time as its predecessor. This is most likely due to increased power efficiency in the new phone.

Although we’ll have to wait for a teardown of the new phone to confirm the lower capacity, this video is a good indicator that the 6s will have a smaller 1715 mAh battery.