Raspberry, Shmazberry, There’s A $15 Single Board Computer Called The Orange Pi

Is $35 for a Raspberry Pi too rich for you blood? Do you prefer using sparsely-supported but cheap single board computers? Are you willing to ignore the obviously goofy name “Orange Pi?” Then have we got something for you.

The Orange Pi PC is a new single board machine that is ostensibly compatible with the Raspberry Pi OS images and can also run standard Linux and Android. It has a H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7 H.265/HEVC 4K processor and includes three USB ports, an IR receiver, and supports MicroSD card storage.

The board has a fairly complete download page and there seem to me active support forums. Obviously a Raspberry Pi with some classy hats is probably your best bet for ensuring support and absolute control, but this might be a fun addition to your tiny PC toolkit.

I’ve just ordered one so I’ll let you know if it works well as a mini arcade system and/or a bitcoin mining rig.

via Liliputing