Now Kids Can Build Their Own HD Display With The Kano Screen Kit

Kano‘s crazy cool educational PC is about to get a bit more visual. Kano CEO Alex Klein tweeted out that the company has launched a pre-order for an HD display kit.

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Kano, which raised a $15M Series A in May, has been aiming to create an invaluable educational experience for kids by helping them get acquainted with how computers work through putting the kit together. The Raspberry Pi based platform is a great, affordable way to show kids some of the bare basics of computers and is a great DIY project for hobbyists as well.

The website highlights the educational potential of the kit:

The Screen Kit is a portable, playful HD display you build yourself. It’s a new make-it-yourself moment, to demystify the display, and take Kano portable. Billions of liquid crystals. Two million pixels. The Screen Kit has a unique modular design. You learn how alpha, gamma, and pixels work by putting them together yourself. It’s creative learning for kids and big kids.

The 10.1 inch high-definition screen boasts a sleek design that helps make the entire Kano system more portable and can be hooked up to a third party battery to provide a truly mobile experience.

The screen alone is available for a special pre-order price of $110, while you can get the screen and Kano kit for $250. Just be sure to get it before the pre-order ends on September 11.