Google Search Will Now Surface Info On More Health Conditions

Google says one in 20 searches on Google Search are for health-related information and since February of this year, it’s been using its Knowledge Graph to quickly bring up medical facts when it spots a query about common health conditions. At the time, it was showing these improved results for about 400 conditions, but starting today, it’s rolling out an update that will bring that number closer to 900, including a number of neglected tropical diseases.

frostbiteGoogle is also updating the feature’s design and making some changes to how and when it’s triggered. The company notes that when you search for something like “Frostbite symptoms” now, it’ll take you right to the symptoms tab, for example.

The company says it worked closely with a team of doctors to “curate and validate” the information it surfaces.

Doctors have apparently also been asking the company to make it easier for their patients to print the information they’re getting from the search results pages so they can take it with them to appointments. With this update, Google has now added the ability to download a PDF with the Knowledge Graph information.

For now, this feature is only available in U.S. English, but Google says it plans to expand it to more languages and regions.