Tesla’s $35,000 Model 3 Sedan To Start Production In 2 Years, Preorders Next March

It’s happening! You, yes you (and me!), might be able to afford a Tesla sometime soon. On Twitter today, Musk shared that the Holy Grail of Teslas, the lower cost Model 3 sedan, will officially be unveiled next March (along with taking preorders).

We’ve known about it since last year, but now we know when to keep an eye out for it.

At the time, Musk said “[The Model 3] will be way different from any other car on the road. But, “in a way that’s really useful and just doesn’t feel like a weird-mobile.” Whatever that means, I want it.

If you reserved one of the sexy Tesla SUVs (Model X), you can start customizing it now. While we’re talking about Tesla, in case you missed it, the Model S broke some consumer satisfaction records, as well.

For the rest of us, start saving your pennies for the Model 3 now.