Snap Is A Stabilized 4K Drone That’s Fully Portable

Snap takes a different crack at the consumer drone equation. Rather than creating a heavy giant like the latest DJI Phantom or some crappy toy that you’d buy off QVC, Vantage Robotics has chosen to create a drone that packs high quality recording equipment in a lightweight ultra-compact body.

The app-enabled Snap allows users to perform a number of automated camera movements that let you focus on the action while the drone maneuvers with a range of 150 meters. Speaking of motion, the 4k camera handles it well thanks to state-of-the-art gimbal stabilization.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about the drone is just how compact it is. It easily transports in a backpack and is durable enough to endureĀ the trip.

Snap is available now forĀ pre-order from Vantage Robotics. The drone still claims a rather hefty pre-order price tag at $895, but with insanely high-quality video recording on-board in a device that you can take out of a backpack then toss into the skies, Snap offers something pretty cool for both drone enthusiasts and those looking to make their first foray into the class of products.