Get The Best Trade-In Price On Your Old iPhone Before The New One Drops

Apple is likely to drop a new pair of updated iPhones at its special event on September 9. If you’re planning on taking the plunge in purchasing one of the new devices and are thereby unloading your old iPhone, Gazelle has a deal for you.

The used gadget buyer is offering a promotion through next Wednesday’s Apple event that “guarantees that Gazelle’s cash offer for the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus will beat the trade-in credit offered by a customer’s wireless carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint) or Apple.”

“Gazelle has always offered cash and great customer service but we’re now also guaranteeing consumers the best price,” said Sarah Welch, Gazelle’s Chief Marketing Officer, in a press release. “Consumers are frustrated by confusing carrier offers that often require a lengthy commitment or other terms and conditions.”

The deal is good for all capacities and colors of the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. The company is currently offering between $325-$475 bucks for a used iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, while offers for the 5S float further down in the $150-$200 range depending on the device’s capacity.