Nest’s Smart Thermostat Gets Updated With A Bigger, Brighter Screen

nest 2

Back in June, Nest overhauled just about every product they make… save for one curious exception: the smart thermostat that most know them for best.

Two months later, Nest’s thermostat is getting an upgrade of its own.

So what’s new?


If you walked by the new version without having seen the previous one in a while, you… might not notice a difference. This new third-gen Nest Thermostat looks just about the same as those that came before it; like its predecessors, it’s got a big ol’ bright circular display wrapped up inside a rotating silver ring that acts as the control interface.

Side-by-side, though, the differences are a bit more obvious. The third-gen Nest packs a bigger display (2.08 inches versus 1.75 inches) into a body that, while ever so slightly bigger (about a tenth of an inch larger in diameter), doesn’t jut quite as far out of the wall. That larger screen also packs a higher resolution than the one before it, with a resolution of 480×480 versus the 320×320 display of v2.

Meanwhile, Nest has introduced something that they’re calling “Farsight” — a fancy way of saying that its motion sensors can sense movement from a greater distance now. Whereas the previous generations promised to sense motion at a distance of about three feet, the third-gen screen’s motion detection is said to work “from across the room”.

The third-gen Nest thermostat goes on sale today at the same price as before: $249. Meanwhile, they’ve cut the price of the 2nd-gen model down to $199 — but only until the remaining stock runs dry.

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