Watch This Guy Fly In A 54-Propeller Super Drone

Flying drones are all the rage right now. The latest DJI Phantom is smoking hot. But sitting in your very own one and flying it? That’s uncharted territory…until now.

Check out this dude in the UK hovering above the earth in a contraption with “54 counter-rotation propellers and six grouped control channels with Hobbyking stabilization.”

It’s hard to tell just how far he got off of the ground. Maybe 15 feet or so. It’s still pretty cool.

Notice this car roll by, stop and back up once he sees this thing:


Here it is unmanned (albeit not as cool):

To quote our very own Travis: “It’s like that movie “Fly Away Home,” but instead of geese it’s just a nerd trying to get home to his mom.” It is just like that.