Samsung Announces The Samsung Gear S2, Now More Round

Samsung has just announced their new smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2. The watch is unique in that it has a round rotating bezel – the thing on the edge of the crystal – in addition to two buttons on the side for home and back. It runs Samsung’s Tizen OS, a system used by Samsung in their original Gear models. Samsung, however, isn’t announcing compatibility today which suggests some changes in the Gear lineup. The new watch includes NFC for payments and other wireless connectivity and it even includes an e-SIM – a method to make calls and perform some tasks without a phone nearby.

Speeds and feeds are fairly standard – 360 x 360 resolution, a nice dual core 1.0 GHz processor, 4GB internal memory – but the styling is nice and at 11.4mm thin it’s quite svelte. No pricing or shipping info right now but we’ll update this post as we hear more.

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