Elon Musk Can’t Be That Afraid Of Robots, Check Out This Tesla Production Line

Elon Musk has warned us about robots taking over with the help of AI. He’s even donated money to make sure that it doesn’t happen. However, it sure does seem like Tesla relies on robots quite a bit, even if they’re not being primed to turn the company into Skynet.

At one point this year Musk referred to AI as “summoning the demons.” He says it’s still inevitable, though.

Musk posted a photo of a new Tesla production line and there were no humans to be seen. I mean, they’re most certainly in the background making sure the robots don’t start making machine guns or something, I’m sure. Per his caption, there are 542 robots here with 15 running simultaneously. I’m sure that once Tesla spins up a bunch of these lines, shooting out cars will keep getting easier and faster.

That’s a lot of robots. For good, though. Not the evil “robocalypse” that Musk mentions, of course. If they were to be like hacked and unleashed on the world they might be able to do some serious cataclysmic damage I’m sure we have nothing to worry about.

The snaky robot thing a few weeks ago freaked some people out, but don’t worry…they won’t come knocking on your door trying to sell you a Tesla…

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